Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Ahoy, Me Hearties

I'm trying really hard not to use infantile humor here. The title very well could have been "Scrubbing the Poop Deck" or "A Place to Ship." But I'm too mature for that. 
So this turned out pretty cool! I made this shelf this morning from 1x8" pine, a couple of hooks, and some 1/4" Manila rope. 
The guest/kids' bath has come a long way from where it started...let's remember, shall we?
This is before we moved in. Woof. 
The edges of shoe molding, countertop, and tub surround have all been neatly caulked, and the walls and trim painted. 
Here's an image from mid-way through painting. Aaaahhh, grey. 
The brass knobs on the vanity are replaced with wooden ones from a dresser downstairs. They help me be okay for now with the white composite and cream counter/sink. 
The drawers have been lined for the sake of the kids' dental hygiene. 
Succulents bring in a bit of life. Even if they're not alive. Because there are no windows in here, and alive would soon be dead. 
The little stump is actually a votive holder a friend made. In case someone stinks it up in here. 
On the opposing wall, we have many hooks for the many children to hang their many towels on. 
An old ship print, a racy iron mermaid, a photo of hubby and I at a friend's pond (our happy place), and a sketch of a cephalopod by yours truly. 
Here's a better shot of the sketch. Don't count the legs. 
Yessir, this room is turning out alright. 
Now all that's to be done is changing the light fixture, tiling the floor, replacing the mirror...
And lengthening that curtain to the floor. To add to the dog's napping experience, of course. 

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  1. It looks so good! That shelf is fantastic!! :) And reading about your happy place while recognizing that picture made my eyes leak.