Monday, May 23, 2016

A Bedskirt That Never Makes You Lift a Mattress

Ugh, that wall color kills me. It'll be changed, but for today we talk bedskirt. Finally, the bed looks like we didn't just move in last night. 
This is what you could see before today when you looked at our bed - the risers we put it on and all the musical instruments and storage containers under there. I believe in using space wisely, people. But I also believe in taking the appearance of my bedroom seriously, because if I don't, it'll be the last priority. And as a mom of little kids, I truly appreciate having a bedroom that fosters peace and rest when I walk in. 

Peace and rest are not what I felt before the bedskirt happened. I can tell you that.  
And since there were no bedskirts AT ALL in the stores when I went looking, and the ones online were all too short for a bed on risers, I had to make this puppy. So I bought a large drop cloth from the home improvement store ($20), some sew-on hook and loop tape (think Velcro), and set to work. 

1: I first got glued the hook (prickly) side of the tape to the upper edge of our box spring all around the sides and foot of the bed (see photo above).

2: Then I measured the length I needed and cut the drop cloth edge to that measurement (using the existing hem LIKE A BOSS). 

3: Finally, I sewed the loop (soft) side of the tape to the skirt with some stylish gathering action. I used the soft side of the tape here because when I wash it I don't want the hook side picking at the fabric while it agitates. Because that would agitate me. 

And then I simply walked around the bed, pressing the hook and loop tape together as I went, to hang the bedskirt. Winning. 
So now, I never have to wrestle a bunch of fabric under the awkward Sleep Number mattress to put the bedskirt back in its place. And it looks so much better than the storage beneath. It might even get washed now.  


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