Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The Bathrooms

First, the guest bath. This is the one the kids use. 
So much purple! And then we have a white laminate vanity with brass fittings, crest linoleum floor, and cream counter/sink. We added the towel rack on the right upon move-in (we already had it). 
We have a builder-grade mirror and light, and an older toilet that doesn't flush unless you hold the handle down for the whole flush. When we moved in, that center false drawer face in front of the sink was broken off and there was a broken brass faucet. Both are repaired/replaced, and the drawers are lined. 
The tub had sediment stains and moldy duck-shaped non-slip treads. I removed those yesterday and added a mat (for the kids) that can be removed for cleaning.
This is the tub/floor seam before yesterday's scraping spree. I removed all the beige colored caulk mess from this area and around the toilet. 
So now it looks like this, and only needs a clean, white caulk line. I'd love to replace that cream linoleum floor, but it's on the spreadsheet! Next up: caulk with *white* caulk, paint the walls, replace the mirror, lengthen that shrunken shower curtain, and possibly replace the light and hardware. So far, we spent $3 on the non/slip mat, $25 on the faucet, $5 on the shower curtain liner, and $5 on shower curtain rings.

Now on to the master bathroom!
Hi. Awkward thumbs-up. So this is the master vanity. Again, white laminated particle board builder-grade cabinet, cream counter/sink, builder mirror and light, and brass knobs. So far, we've replaced the old broken brass faucet ($89 + fittings), bought a cushy rug ($25), and lined the dirty drawers ($3). 
Sooo much better. 

Be thankful I didn't include the before. 
So now I'm removing brass towel rods, filling holes, sanding, and generally prepping to paint. Look at all that delicious makeup/grease staining right there. Mmmmm. 
This is the shower/toilet section that can be closed off to the vanity/tub area. The shelf(?) on this wall was gone when we moved in. We've filled holes, added two hooks we already had, replaced the broken light/exhaust fan ($100), replaced the toilet (about $100 with fittings), and added a toilet paper holder ($6). 
This is the view to the right. Obviously there is a need and opportunity for built-in storage here. 
And this is the view to the left. We removed the brass-framed glass door to the shower (see photo at the bottom), as it wouldn't open or close properly, and replaced it with a clearance shower curtain ($7) and bought a rug ($12). Again, beige caulk was used between the shower and floor, so replacing that will be my next project. 
Back in the vanity area, this is the (very beige) tub area. It has jets! Maybe I'll get to use it one day, ha. The kids love it, but the motor is in the closet wall where the baby sleeps. And guess how often I get to take a bath while the baby's awake. Right. Anyway, the brass shower head is confusingly superfluous, as the shower is on the other side of that wall. 
And here's the old toilet and shower door. Just hanging out on the deck. In case we want to entertain guests there.  

Well, that's all for today! See you next time. 


  1. Wow! Much progress, Danielle; especially when considering all the other demands on your time!

  2. So excited to SEE it soon!!!!