Sunday, January 19, 2014

Refinished Emerald Desk - Before and After

I am loving my new work space!  I posted the photo below last week, asking for ideas for how to make this space acceptable in a living room (read: not "office-y").
 Bleh.  This desk used to have a hutch atop it, and formerly resided in our kitchen, as seen below.
When our hot water heater busted and we lost our former pantry space, we bought a new pantry and installed it where this desk/hutch combo used to sit in our kitchen.  Here my husband is removing hardware and the flower decals that were behind them...
...flower decals that turned out to be plastic.  Interesting.
I set to work on my first chalk paint project.
Love that green.  I distressed it down to the white after it was dry, then waxed it.
I shopped the house and visited a thrift store looking for unique pieces.  Here is the finished space:

 I love it.  And the best part is that I only spent $15 on this entire project!  Here's the cost breakdown:

desk, chair, lamp, books, framed family photos, large antique plate, knobs, deer skull, leaf plate, plants, and double rose plate: free (shopped the house for those)
tester of paint: $3
wax: $9
Plaster of Paris (plaster + water + flat paint = chalk paint): free (from my friend)
smaller white plate + hanger: $3 (Salvation Army)

I believe my grandfather made this ceramic leaf.  The little double plate was from my great aunt's house, and the skull belongs to my husband. It was the first deer he hunted.  

I have a meaningful and beautiful space where work can be completed.
I have another "before and after" to show you next time.  So stick around!  And thanks for reading.

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