Monday, January 13, 2014

Could I Ask You a Favor?

Come on, how can you say no to this face?  Go ahead, stare deeply.  Allow those eyebrows to alter your soul.  Melt into the giant brown eyes.  Let yourself rest for a moment in the adorable innocence of this wee bairn.

Then take a look at this for me:

Nevermind the barrel, orange bag, or clutter.  See, I have a space that needs beautification. This desk will serve as computer work space, bills hub, and letter writing center.  The three drawers will give me organization, and I know I need a lovely waste basket and a tall, handsome light source.  But that expanse of wall above has me baffled.  Do we do a collage of smaller frames, plates, etc., or do we go for a big, beautiful framed painting?  Or some framed art mixed with shelves for lovelies?

Please leave a comment, and tell me your opinion!

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