Sunday, January 26, 2014

Why I Kissed My Tankless Water Heater Goodbye

Lookout! Here comes some truly inspiring photo journalism.  Not.

We have decided to call this The Year of the Water Heater, both because of the ridiculous and unexpected cost and the difficulties we've had in replacing the one that rusted out.  Remember how I posted about our water heater leaking when we returned from holiday travels?  Well, installing a tankless in the attic turned out not to be the answer to our cold water troubles.  

Turns out we couldn't run a tub of hot water and heat our house at the same time.  Not cool in winter!  Or maybe too cool.  The cause is our neighborhood being on a fixed gas pressure...but the bottom line is we needed another tank.  
So goodbye, Rinnai.  Goodbye, endless hot showers and reduced gas bills.  It was a great 7 days.  You know, other than the not being able to heat the house while I bathe the kids part.
 To prep for our new and sizeable guest, my now completely fatigued husband (with the help of a few more friends) removed the attic fan from our hallway ceiling and installed a pull-down stairs access.  The good news is that the attic is wide open and will be great storage.  The bad news is that the ceiling still looks like this, and we've been having freezing temperatures.  One thing at a time.
 And here is the ugly step-sister.  She won't be winning any beauty competitions or improving on our gas bill, but she will heat our water regardless of weather.  

 Here's that fatigued and possibly mad husband of mine, having burrowed himself into the cardboard box the stairs unit came in.
It's been a long ordeal, but we sure are thankful (and a little crazy)!

Before and afters on that entry light will be next!


  1. I love that your man works the way he does for you guys. He's a good one.

    I also adore that last photo...

    1. I am so lucky that he's a hard worker, and that he is willing to try and learn new skills! Love and miss you.

  2. I agree that warm baths just aren't the same if the air is freezing. You have to keep going deeper and deeper because the splash line gets you get wet and cold in a new higher spot. Sorry you had to do this twice!