Thursday, January 9, 2014

Good Things Are Happening

We finally got a chance to remove the "jail bars" from this black aluminum storm door.  It's funny how easy, little things can get put off for so long.  I love how much modern it looks without the decorative stuff on it.  I might paint it.  Maybe a dark teal!  I'd like to get a new light fixture, paint the planters the same color, and paint the old black mail box.  Ideas for colors?
 And here are the "jail bars," which I believe should be used now as a trellis.  Why not?!
My husband removed the doorbell wiring in the attic, and I in turn have removed the TWO doorbells from the doors.  Why two options for people to wake up napping babes?  No more need for tacky notes duct taped to the button, threatening guests with death should they ring it.  What decorative little trinket could I add to cover these holes?
 The entry way's light had stopped working about a year ago, and we finally pulled down the fixture to see what was up.  I wish I'd taken a photo of the "before," but here's the old fixture (original to the 1950 house) deconstructed and cleaned.  It was a flush mount, but I'm turning it into a micro chandelier.  It looks lovely hanging about a foot below, where it can be enjoyed from the living room.

 I love the filigree and crystal "prisms," as Pollyanna called them.  Check out that Folgers can we found in the attic.  Too bad it's not super rare and worth about as much as a new water heater.
These crystal prisms looked like frosted glass before I shined them up with some abrasive cleaner.  I solemnly do swear to show you photos of the finished product.
And finally, here is something I'm sure many of you don't give a care about, but that I am exceedingly excited about: new white outlets! Gone are many of the old cream-colored, mostly broken outlets and covers.  Bit by bit, day by day!  

Tune in Monday for a design dilemma.  I'm asking for your help.  And I'm not too proud to bribe you with photos of my adorable six-month-old...

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