Sunday, March 2, 2014

Seed Starting on the Cheap

I have decided I can trust you enough to show you my seed stash without judgement.  Here it is. 
No, it's not in a pretty container - it's not even all in a single container.  I mean, I'm a real human with 3 little humans depending on me.  And though it might not look like much, to me the sight of all these plastic bags is exciting!  It's almost time to play in the dirt again! The leftmost bag contains random seed packets and my own saved seeds, the box on the right holds a collection of saved seeds from my friend's garden, and in the center we have a very special treat.
This bag contains my collection of seeds from Renee's Garden.  I wish there was a store here that carried them, but it's definitely worth it to me to order them online.  They have flowers, herbs, vegetables, and some pretty schnazzy collections - all in great variety.
Their seeds are not genetically modified, and many of their offerings are heirloom or organic.  I waited until I had birthday money last year, and now I finally have some of Renee's seeds for my own garden.  So I gathered my packets and set up a seed-starting station like real people do...
 On the kitchen table.  Black rubber boot trays (the ones you buy to put your shoes in by the door when they're muddy or wet) under the containers keep moisture off my table.  The containers are one leftover peat 8-pack (I've since kicked that habit), a few toilet paper cardboard rolls, and several cardboard egg cartons.  That's right, people...all I had to buy this year to start seeds was the soil!  And my mama sent me a grow light as a sweet Valentines Day present - thanks, Mom!
As soon as these seedlings sprout, I can tear each little section off and drop it into a larger pot of soil without having to disturb the roots - or straight into the garden.  You can start seeds in trays full of dirt, egg cartons, toilet paper rolls, egg shells, newspaper pots, ceramic planters, you name it.  Here's a great article with a few how-to's.

So far I've started tomatoes and peppers, zinnias, and basil indoors, and I've sown carrot, arugula, and lettuce seeds directly in the garden.  For a seed starting schedule according to your area, plug in your city and state here at The Old Farmer's Almanac online.

Tune in later in the week for this year's first giveaway!

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