Monday, March 17, 2014

Refinished Storage Coffee Table

Long time ago in a land far away, my husband and I spent money in a very different fashion.  We made a sudden decision one day to visit the local furniture store, and walked away a few thousand in debt.   This is why I am not a spontaneous person anymore!  I also don't want to ever buy furniture new again.  The tables we bought were really great, and have lasted well.  They're solid wood, and though they've lived through dogs and kids, they are in perfect shape inside and out.  But right now I have a crawling baby, and I want our living room to be a place where we can all get down on a soft rug and play games and hang out as a family.  So this big, coffee table has to go.  I decided to use the same finish I used on the bar stools, and throw caution to the wind.
What do you think?

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