Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Guest House Bathroom Renovation: Before Photos

I'd say this could be called a "surprise!" renovation.  By that I mean that we did not expect to have to do this until we found out we had water damage a few weeks ago.  We are still recovering from this, the Year of the Water Heater, so this scale of renovation was not elective.  But isn't that how life is?  We keep saying, "At least it will be finished!" And that is always good for resale!
 Welcome to the guest house bathroom.  This photo doesn't look quite so bad, but if you were physically there you would see that the cheap false-tile board that had been glued up around the tub was warping, cracked, and molding.  I had caulked those offending areas so the last few days of our previous tenant's stay could be mold-free.  But we had to see how far back the damage went, so we gutted it.  That tenant and I gutted it mostly - which was very empowering and a great experience for me. 
 Yes, that is 3/4" tongue-in-groove behind two layers of water-damaged Masonite.  Solid wood on every wall, and in the ceiling.  That's why it's so peaceful over there!

 Look at that sweet wallpaper up top.  Man, this bathroom has seen its fair share of trends.  The gas heater in the wall still worked, but that space can be better used with it gone.
And here is progress: My very handy husband has installed new lighting, a new switch, and an additional plug.  We've hammered in the countless nails, removed tub caulk, and cleaned debris out.  We're basically doing this when he gets home from work each evening, and I put in 3 or so hours a day while he's at work.  Some friends have helped us too, which is just like our community here.  We never bear a burden alone; there's always someone willing to help.

Tune in Friday for more progress photos, and Monday for the big reveal...hopefully!

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