Friday, March 28, 2014

Guest House Bathroom Reno: More Progress

 I spy...A new window, board and batten wainscoting, and tile prep board.
 I spy...shower area trim and window framing.
 I spy...a pretty sweet window trim, crown molding, and a switch plate (it's the little things, people).
I spy...paint!

Now let's have a little chat.  How many readers are screaming, "NO! Don't paint it!! Let the wood be naked and free!"?  I can appreciate you hipster naturalists. We actually bought gray opaque stain to allow the wood grain to show through, but alas the squiggles of adhesive around the shower area would have been painfully accentuated.  So we are painting it, then sanding down in places to reveal the wood's beauty.  And if that looks crappy, we'll paint over it again.

Just keepin' it real.

Remember to come back Monday for what will hopefully be the big reveal!

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