Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Small Changes in the House

 After a visit to my friends' beautifully and carefully updated home, I realized there was beauty in what we already had because it was original to our 1950 home.  We had planned to knock out doorways to make them larger, knock out part of a wall to make a peninsula, and so much more.  But until we have the money to make such huge changes, why not use what we already have - sand paper and paint - to update what we have and celebrate it?  I've been itching for these last 5+ months to do something, ANYTHING to this old home!  So I took off the cabinets last Sunday.  Then we discovered this hole in the top right cabinet:
It was behind some warped, water-damaged cardboard lining the top of the cabinet. The roof has been recently replaced, so the water-damage shouldn't continue, and this hole will be repaired.  I moved all our dishes out so the husband could spray insecticide up there, and what do you know? No bugs the last two days! Glory!
 Here's a project I've been hoping to get done for the kitchen - a blackboard menu.  The frame was free from a neighbor's yard sale leftovers, and Jason cut a piece of melamine to fit.  I primed it and painted it with my friend's left-over black board paint (thanks, Rae!).
Jason repaired a giant hole in the bathroom wall behind the mirror/medicine cabinet that was WAY too big for that unit.  Then he hung this mirror (I think it was $10 or $15 at a yard sale) - which has a lovely frame and is more my ideal size for this space. It feels SO GOOD to have some small things improved!  Baby steps!


  1. my parents have a kitchen very similar to yours, they couldn't afford to put in all new cabinets and instead painted the top cabinets a creamy off white yellowish color and the bottom ones a sage green and replaced the hardware with stainless instead of the old black metal handles. It turned out great and they kept some of the old charm of the house. I think people jump into new cabinets without really realizing they can have an awesome kitchen and save lots of money by just using what they already have!

  2. 1. LOVE the chalkboard thingie.
    2. Like the line of the new mirror in the loo.
    A. Define "putty colored"
    B. gray!

  3. Marissa, I love that. And I totally agree with you.
    1. thanks :)
    2. double thanks!
    3. warmer than light gray, cooler than beige. in the middle. greige.
    4. alrighty!!