Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Guest House Living Room "After"

A few months back I shared some "before" pictures of our guest house.  Well, our friend (who is gracing us with his presence in that guest house) has since done a lot of work on the place and I thought it was high time I share his accomplishments.  He's worked on more than the living room, but since I hate to share any "after" photos of rooms that aren't totally finished, I'm only showing those living room photos.  Here's a "before" for comparison:
 And here are a couple of photos of the new living space:

He painted the walls and concrete floor, added lighting and window treatments and furniture, and was very frugal and creative will all these tasks.  Those vintage yellow shelves up there are actually plastic garage shelving that he used plastic-friendly spray paint on. Amazing, no?  I must also mention that he is very good with dishes and loves to cook...and is single.  All my single friends take note.


  1. Love the posts. I find myself wishing I Was your neighbor and could pop over to see what crafty and interesting things you're up to and see your sweet babes. This blog is the next best thing :).

  2. That white trim looks especially nice.