Thursday, December 8, 2011

Cold Day in Texas

 Autumn and Daddy shoot water from the hose as Jeb chases its stream.
 Autumn and I blow bubbles in the back yard.  As the wind only seems to blow from east to west, I'm sure the neighbors on our left think there's a bubble fiend living here.

 My new raised vegetable bed.  I've started all kinds of vegetable plants, but I'm afraid the days are so short and the nights suddenly now so cold that they won't acclimate to the weather and will simply freeze to death.  Big let-down.
 Jeb attacks the water hose.  That dog is hilarious.
It's a good way to spend the baby's nap time on the husband's day off.


  1. Love that Jason had today off! And love the bubbles. And Jeb. And...

  2. Can you keep a secret? it was last Friday. no days off this week. and no time to post these until now. shhhhhh...