Friday, September 16, 2011

Building a New Table

 My husband has built a beautiful new farmhouse-style dining room table.
 He had a little help from our friend, who is helping display the many uses of the table here.   I think the plan is to paint the bottom part a French light blue-gray and distress it, and stain the top a dark walnut color.
 It fits nicely in our dining/living front room, though alone and at almost ten feet long it looks monstrous.  Geez, I need to paint something for those empty frames.
 As you can see, we will not be seating people on the ends when we play spoons here. 
And here's the reason we needed a giant dining room table: it comfortably seats 8 on the sides, 4 on each, and one or two on each end.  We have a close, loving community here and our little tiny round table simply wasn't cutting it.  If our friends had any kids it was an exercise in creativity to seat them all, and if we had several families over everyone was expected to simply hold their plate.  But since God gave us the space, we assume He intended us to use it to bless others, so we dreamed of this table.  And my husband did a very fine job on it!  More photos when it's finished.


  1. Awesome table! Do you have any painted photos yet?

  2. I totally forgot to post the completed work! Thanks for reminding me, Adina!