Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Maternity Wear 7

The rest of this week shall be called "Maternity Wear Extravaganza" or "Catchup Week" or something like that. I'm going to post a new clothing item each day through Friday that I've altered to make it maternity-friendly.  This one I totally messed-up on; I made it and didn't take pics of the before or during.  It used to be a short-sleeved periwinkle blue shirt (given to me by my aunt) and a turquoise tank my mom bought me after Autumn was born that had totally shrunk to belly-dancing fit.
 I added little round circles of fabric in both colors to the bodice that I hand-sewed on.  After I washed it they looked like this. I thought that detail might unify the two-toned shirt.
Sorry I didn't get a side-shot; all these look like I'm not pregnant.  Please trust me that I look appropriately belly-ful from the side in this tank.  It's a little "revealin" for me, but will no doubt come in handy in the TX heat.  So come back tomorrow for another fun transformation (this time with a somewhat before pic too)!

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