Thursday, March 17, 2011

Maternity Wear 6

 Someone hand me a monkey wrench!!  I feel all mechanic-y in this men's large button-up shirt by J.Crew. Only $4 at Goodwill, and ready to start lookin' "sooooo goood."  "ARROWED!"  (50000 points if you recognize that reference)
 Okay, here's the finished product.  I followed Megan's tutorial on her site DIY Maternity, and added a few details of my own. 
 As Megan said to, I took in the underarms a couple of inches, then removed the front pocket.  I also shortened the sleeves and re-attached the sleeve hems so I could put elastic in them.  More gathers = more feminine.  And we all know elastic = comfy.  As Megan instructed, I also cut out a new neckline and gathered it, finishing the edge with bias tape.  This was the first time I think I've ever bought bias tape.  I feel cheap and dirty.
 Then I added a strip of bias tape around the bust line (I accidentally put it about an inch too low, but I'm too lazy to fix it) and strung some white ribbon through, per Megan's tutorial. 
 I liked her idea of zig-zag stitching the bias tape edging on the neckline, though I didn't spritz it with water to shrink it into shape afterwards.  I had no idea where a clean spray bottle was, and I wasn't going to look for one.
 The bias tape made the perfect casing for the ribbon.  I may need to use this trick in the future.
Here's a closeup of the sleeve after adding elastic inside the hem. Really, really easy.  I'm not as fond of the fit of this shirt as I am with the previous, but it'll do in a pinch.  And it's definitely an improvement on the original (woof).  I think I can lose one hour and $4 and not cry over it.  Maybe.


  1. You did that in an hour? Really?

    Sigh. whatever. I'm done with you.

  2. sigh....if I'd made it from scratch, it would have taken more time for sure, but starting with an already existing garment cuts time and money. and I've been sewing since I was homeschooled. and I was rushed to complete it before the baby woke.
    gimme another chance?

  3. Honey this is GORGEOUS!! You look adorable and I love the gathered sleeves you added. Bravo!!

  4. ooh! Meg! I'm so honored! thank you for your kind comment :) so glad I found your site, and looking forward to more posts!