Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Maternity Wear 4

I got this size L t-shirt at Old Navy for $.47!  The nice guy marking down the clearance stuff clearly saw I was a master shopper (yeah right) and pointed it out for me.  If you sew, never turn away too-large knit clothing!  There's so much you can do with it, and it's so easy to sew clothing with.

And here's the finished makeover!  Look at that - so much ample fabric in the front you can't even see the bump.  Perfect!  I cut the neckline out, gathered the fabric and re-sewed it.  I cut the bottom off just below the bust line, used a well-fitting t-shirt of mine to measure and cut the new bodice and sleeves, and re-sewed everything (allowing the excess of the bottom portion to gather in the front).  I love how it fits.
Please pardon the blurry photo of the back of the shirt.  I already put the tripod up, and I am NOT getting it back out.  Sorry.
Here's a closeup to show inquiring minds how I zig-zag stitched the neckline back onto the bodice.  With knit fabrics like this, you don't have to finish your ends.  They just curl and remain soft.  You can even leave the ends on the outside of the garment if you prefer a "pieced" look.  It's about dang time I have a comfy maternity tee, too; all my t-shirts were riding up on my belly button.


  1. Nice boobs and butt. Oh, and the shirt is cool, too. :)

  2. Ok, so where are your tutorials on how to make the biggest, baggiest blah t-shirt into this oh-my-gosh beauty of a shirt? :) Love it!

  3. LOL DM, shutcho mouth!

    Jan, I can make one!

  4. I am VERY impressed. wow!

  5. This is fantastic!! You did a great job making this a wearable, flattering shirt. I'm so impressed!

  6. Hot!!! Absolutely love it!!! Great job ;)!!!!