Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Maternity Wear 3

 Yesterday I teased you with this photo of a skirt and tank on the woodpile.  The skirt was a gift from my friend Col, and DM picked up that tank for me back in the day from Old Navy for - what was it, $2?  Now the skirt won't zip over my belly and the tank won't fit for long.  They were perfect candidates for a maternity makeover.  What have these become?

It's an almost tunic length top.  Perfect for wearing with leggings, pants or capris but nowhere near long enough to be a dress.  I used some scraps from the skirt to make a flower after finding about a million tutorials online for said endeavor.  I cut the tank below the bust (kept a half inch for seam allowance), cut the top off the skirt just below the zipper (so I could fit it over my head without needing a zipper on the finished product), and zigzagged them together inside-outwards.  I then added a narrow strip of elastic just below the seam to make sure I didn't have tent-top syndrome.
 I thought it turned out pretty darn good. 


  1. love the flower on the top!! love that you are having time to maternify clothes! love that you are making Texas home.

  2. Shazaam! Well done, lady! :)

  3. This is so beautiful! You're very creative!