Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Maternity Wear 1

 To recap, a sweet former co-worker of mine mailed this dress to me when her aunt gave it to her and she thought immediately that I'd like it.  Here's the dress before.  And this is my plan.....muaaaahhahahahaaa!  Don't get me wrong, I love the fabric, and the gesture was completely unforeseen and very kind, but it wasn't my style and certainly would not accommodate a growing belly for summer.
 I measured where I'd like to cut: just below the bust line and again to make the skirt the proper length.  then I removed the side seams and sleeves.
 I measured some thin elastic for an empire waist.
 I cut a strip of fabric from the leftover middle section so I could sew a "tunnel" around the waist of the skirt portion to hold the elastic for my empire waist.
 Here's that strip going on the skirt.  I zigzagged the edges, since I wasn't sure how quickly silk unravels.  I don't sew on this type of fabric!  I used a safety pin to thread the elastic through the tunnel, then secured the ends.  I pinned the bodice sides together and tried just that part on.  It was too tight.  So I cut panels from the leftover fabric to insert into the sides of the bodice to allow for plenty of "baby" growth.  Hehe.  Then I attached the bodice to the skirt and rolled and sewed the edges of the sleeves.  And the result...
 VOILA!  A sleeveless, empire-waist maternity tunic with plenty of room for growth!
 The sleeve hems were a little wonky, but I know if I can overlook that you can too. :)  I'm just too pleased with the final result to worry about it!
 There's that 13.5 wk bump.  Bella's so sweet.  Poor thing's starved for attention!
And here are a few ideas of how this tunic can be worn with a little versatility.  Please ignore the legs.  I don't do much fashion illustration anymore, and the legs and feet of all my figures look horrid.  But I'm happy with this first completion!


  1. Excellent job, mama! What a fun project :)

  2. You are so amazing! That turned out really cute!

  3. i know her. she kicks ass. Clearly Bella thinks so, too.

  4. What?!? The legs look amazing! Can you make mine look like that? Your drawings are incredible and so is the piece you made. Very versatile! So impressed! You are one talented lady and this is a piece that will grow with your belly.

  5. Thank you, friends! I'm looking forward to the next project!

  6. I'm so in awe! Your creativity is amazing. I can't believe your drawings!! Send me some of that sewing ability and stuffs ASAP.