Friday, January 28, 2011

Tunic Dress

 I had some remnant fabric I'd gotten half-off at Joann's before leaving Raleigh. I miss Joann's.  Not as much as our friends and home, of course.  Anyways, it's a chocolate brown cotton with very crisp edged flowers in butter and baby blue. I used one of Autumn's long-sleeved t-shirts to make the "pattern" for this tunic, by folding it in half long-ways, laying it atop this fabric and cutting around the edges.  I was supposed to quilt today, but I realized after pinning the quilt together that I've misplaced my presser feet. (!)  So I made this instead.
 The front has 3 pin tucks for shaping, and the back has a blue button and elastic closure.  So I can fit it over the giant noggin. 
 Here's Autumn getting ready for her photo shoot. Unfortunately, the chair photos didn't make the cut.
 Wonder of wonders, it fits her!  And because it's winter, she can still wear her pants underneath and it looks great.  I put a light green binding on the cuffs and hem to make things easier on myself. 
 You can barely see the blue button closure. 
Here are the best buds. I told Bella to sit, so Autumn sat beside her.  I wish I'd kept the camera out, because now Autumn's wearing (in addition) her purple knit hat and pink tutu.  "I don't look back, Dahling, it distracts from 'the now'".

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  1. Autumn needs to be on the front cover of a magazine in that tunic dress. She's just beautiful in it! Love the tunic dress too!