Monday, April 11, 2016

Almost Ready

At this point, a professional cleaning service has spruced up the interior (thank you, Mom!). This is a very big deal for a busy landscape designer in spring and a mother of four young kids, and allows us to concentrate on other things. 
Like doorknobs. All the exterior ones have been replaced. As you can see, there's still a lot of sprucing up to do on the exterior. The siding is white, so the doors shall NOT remain white forever. Must think of a color palette for this house...

The old fridge was moved down to the basement Saturday, thanks to my beefy brother and husband, where it will serve as overflow food storage. I look forward to being able to fit big bags of apples in there from the local orchard. I heard the apples at your grocery store were picked 11 months before you bought them. Eleven months!! 

This is the beautiful new faucet my Jason installed in the kitchen. We found it on Amazon. I love that enameled cast iron sink. 
And here's the new kids'/guest bath faucet he installed. Nothing fancy, but inexpensive at Home Depot and a world of improvement from the old leaky brass one.

 I know this photo should get "worst photo on the internet award," but it's the only one I managed to get before the new carpet went in. You can tell how much moisture was in the house before we put in a dehumidifier! So this was dark hunter green carpet, and it was horribly dirty looking. Hubby said no. 
Here is the new carpet! I'm looking forward to painting the walls. 
Here's the new carpet in the closet. I'm also looking forward to tiling the adjoining bathroom floor. But those are post-move-in projects. 

So now all that remains is to replace two interior doors, and set a date to move! I can't wait to show you the rest of the house. Until next time!

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