Monday, February 8, 2016

Hope Fulfilled is a Tree of Life

It's been three months since my last post, in which I reported being entirely lonely and weary of not belonging. While there are still days when I dwell on the people and places I miss, the hopelessness and loneliness are no more.

For one thing, one of the two things I've been praying for has been given to us: we have a house under contract. What a relief! So many things about it are better than I could have expected, and it will be another fixer-upper (though it needs far less updating than the last).  But what this house means is what is most important:

1) We now know where we will be settling down. It's 35 minutes away from where we are now, so a renewed sense of hope about my other prayer - finding community and friends - will soon be answered. Also, it means that I will be too busy with repairs and homemaking and exploring our new neighborhood to slip into the "depths of despair" as easily as before.
2) One of my two desires has been extravagantly fulfilled. This gives me renewed hope that the other will be fulfilled, regardless of how or where. My trust is strengthened. I am resolved to make it through.
I've also made a few friends, though we haven't had many opportunities to visit. One is an artist, and she is encouraging me to make art again, though I doubt I'll find too much time for that in the near future. But she has piqued my interest in art again, and so I've found my old photos of the work I did over 10 years ago, and uploaded it to a portfolio blog of sorts.  Maybe I'll be able to add to that.

Right now, I'm planning out our new house and helping to prepare the house we've been staying in for sale. Painting, caulking, cleaning, and removing an old screen front door. I've also planted more bulbs here. This Spring will bring new and exciting beauty both at this temporary residence, where we've put in some landscaping, and at our new house, where we have no idea what lies dormant beneath the surface because we're buying in the dead of winter.

Winter here is lovely. The sun hides most of the time, but sometimes there's snow. And spring is just around the corner.

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