Saturday, July 18, 2015

Rapid Reno: Week 3

We have some big news this week. Obviously, renovating an entire home in three weeks is not a task to be entered into lightly. Our reason is that we are moving - much quicker than planned - back to North Carolina. So our renovations are with the average buyer in mind. During the third week my husband and I worked from morning until 10pm or midnight, and most days had between one and six friends helping us for several hours. 
This week my husband tackled the task of finishing this closet at the back entry. When we bought the house, this closet had a vertical dividing wall that separates a pantry on the left from the outdated water heater on the right. When the water heater had to be replaced last year, we walled up this space to deal with it later. He's transforming it into a tiny mudroom.

We also began painting the bathroom walls. 

I tried my hand at chalk board art. This is a clearly pandering attempt at attracting a buyer. 

Our master bedroom, which is paneled in pine on four walls and ceiling, is being painted. 

The renovation is done and our house is listed. Stay tuned for before and afters!

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