Monday, December 1, 2014

Re-Upholstered Dining Chairs

Because let's be honest: there are plenty out there. But in mainly pictures, here's how the adventure went.
Pregnant + 3 little kids = ordered fabric and some poly blend quilt batting from 
There were four fabrics, 48,993 nails. 
Tools I used
Layer of batting + fabric. Some of the seats required repair. 
Finished product. We'll either spray a protectant on this fabric or add a layer of thin vinyl. Because kids. 
One of these days, the chairs will be painted light blue-grey to match the table. But today is not that day. 

Hurrah for productive holidays!


  1. That. Is. Beautiful! Way to go, you!

  2. I love the fabric you chose! What kind of vinyl would you use and how? I want to do that with my dinning chairs too...there are spills on top of spills....hellllllllllll...p!:O)

  3. Tanya, if it were me, I would order 8-12 gauge clear vinyl by the yard (because of aforementioned young children) here: I would stretch it over the recovered seats and staple on the underside, just like I did with the new fabric. However, you can certainly find it locally at most stores that sell fabrics. Just call ahead and see if the store has it in stock. Hancock's, JoAnn's, even Walmart might have it. You could also use a clear vinyl table cloth or shower curtain liner if you have a clean one lying around. If you're wanting to recover the chairs with new fabric anyway due to stains from previous spills, look up oil cloth! There are some lovely prints out there, and they require no additional vinyl sheeting for protection: