Monday, November 4, 2013

New Beginning, New Blog

It has been over a year since my last post, a full year in many ways.  I have decided to revamp my blog, and narrowing its scope to primarily the garden.  Secondarily, I shall continue to document the renovation of our 1950 home here in East Texas.  There may be recipes and a picture of a ridiculously beautiful child here and there.  Now allow me to catch you up on things.
 In June we welcomed our son Benjamin into the world.  
He is a happy baby that sleeps well and loves everyone.
This Fall our faithful Rottweiler and friend of over 9 years, Jeb, passed away.  I still think of him often, especially when in the garden, and miss his big, soft head and kind eyes.  
My oldest has learned many new things, and is brilliant.
 Her sister is brilliant as well, and is not to be left unattended.  


That is chocolate.
And, since this is now a gardening blog, I'll leave you with a photo of pesto made from my basil this summer.  A lot has changed in the garden and in my house, a lot of exciting things! But I'll leave that for another post.  

It's good to see you again!  And good to be back.


  1. I'm glad you're posting again! :)


  2. Looking forward to reading, even though I live in MO!

  3. Love you! Love the blog and all the cute things you post. {hugs}

  4. So good to see you and "meet" Benjamin (not to mention see how big your girls have grown). Welcome back! I look forward to reading. You've been missed, my friend. :)