Friday, May 11, 2012

The Husband Builds a Sandbox and Gate

 A fig tree, full of fruit.
 Tiny okra plants.
 A sand box for the kids.
 A dog run beside the house with gate and arbor.  Eventually we hope to put the dogs in another spot, and use this as our private garden with a hammock.  It's surprising how much cooler it is in this spot now that the fence is up.
This is what 8 cubic yards of mulch looks like when it's almost half-way spread.  Landscaping is both my contribution to the value of this house and my beloved retreat from being Mommy.  Also, I like to think of it as my own little outdoor Crossfit, especially when I'm digging up stone patios and paths.  If you don't garden, you should start!  It's good exercise for sure.


  1. And now you need a garden gnome. :)

  2. YESSSSS! but he/she has to be very me, you know? maybe a little granola or vintage looking. or just doing something uncommon, like playing an instrument or something. I'll have to keep my eye out. :)