Thursday, February 9, 2012

Fold-Away Ironing Board Turned Spice Cabinet

This is a fold-away ironing board in my 1950 home.
 Quite a piece of history here.  But since I don't iron, and I took all my cabinet doors off and have nowhere to store my spices, I asked my husband to turn this into a spice cabinet for the time being.  First, I removed all the old board and dowels and whatnot by myself while he was at work.
Then he installed shelves and I moved in half of my spice collection.  What do you think?


  1. Wait...where is this? I can't place it with the white desk there. The desk is usually on the wall in the kitchen, right?

  2. Jes, pero we moved it to de wall y switched places with de fridge. This is the corner where the fridge was. :)

  3. You guys are super amazing. You should have your own DIY show and come to my house to help me :))) {hugs}