Monday, June 20, 2011

Toddler Shirts from Adult T-Shirts

 I was totally going to call this post "Toddler Shirts from Old Adult T-Shirts" but I realized that sounded like I was re-purposing old people clothes.  I made each of these tops from a shirt a friend gave me.  I can't wear them because I'm too pregnant, but Autumn needed new clothes, so dehr you go.
Ruffle Detail
 Making kids' clothes (boys and girls) from your old clothes is super-easy. No really, it is.  Just take a shirt of the kid's that fits him/her well, lay it on top of your shirt, and start cutting.  I like to line up the hem of the shirt and sleeves when possible.  Cut 2 identical pieces for the shirt body, and cut the small sleeves out of your big sleeves.  Sew it all together with straight stitches and don't worry about finishing the edges; it's knit, so they won't fray.
Shirred Neckline Detail
 This one was cute, with a sun and cloud and trees.  I used shirring on the neckline because I cut it too big, and only one line of shirring stretches really easily, so though it looks like it chokes her I promise it doesn't.
Here's a picture of Autumn wearing a shirt that used to have a delicate bird on the front.  In re-sizing it and giving it an empire-waist, I accidentally cut the bird's head off.  I don't think he felt it, though.

Who says having kids is expensive?  (I know I'm going to eat those words one day...)


  1. YAY! Picture of Peanut. I knew that if I read a post about adult shirts being made into toddler shirts, there was a good chance of seeing said toddler.

    Grin. Grin, grin. GRIIIIIIIIIIIIIN.

  2. LOL Chester! "now you can open for business!"

    I totally meant for this post to be shown on Monday, but pressed "publish" before I altered the date. Fail. Oh, well!